How Extraterrestrials Travel the Galaxy and Universe

20121219_213924_d7c2AI watched SOHO movie player from after I watched a video on YouTube by Third Phase of Moon here: noticing the traffic of ships coming and going every 15 to20 minutes (as per frame taken by SOHO). Here’s a theory…What if ships traveling to other worlds can’t set a direct course to the star they are heading to, but must jump star to star in the direction of the target star (Call it “Star Jumping“). This would explain the number of ships coming and going in our system constantly. I base this theory on “The Electric Universe” where all stars and even galaxies are connected to each other through plasma currents or conduits. This would mean that the crafts are built to travel like electricity through a conduit with warp like speeds.

This would make it possible to travel anywhere in this galaxy or any other galaxy. This is how it works intergalactic. One would travel star to star till you reach the end of the galaxy. Then finding the one furthest star at the edge of the galaxy going in the direction of the destination galaxy, one would lock on the closes star of the destination galaxy. Then once arriving to that star one could travel around that galaxy “Star Jump” through it and go to another galaxy using the same method. To return home just reverse the Galactic coordinates.


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While America Slept, The Banksters Robbed Us Blind

America has no money any longer and it’s been that way for awhile. It’s not the people’s money of the United States, its Foreign Banker’s money as Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express or Federal Pizza Parlor. Just Look up Federal Reserve in the phone book, you will Not find it under Government Offices. It’s with Federal Express and Federal Pizza.

These foreign Bankers are doing the same to Greece as they are to us, who were Ponzi schemed as we are by them, then and now. If this really was America’s money it would say United States Treasury Note on the top of the bill, instead of Federal Reserve Note.

If congress was following the Constitution and controlling the money, there would be no interest on the money, it would be Interest Free and backed by Silver or Gold to stop printing out of control as these criminals running the Federal Reserve are doing now.

We should tell China to arrest the world Bankers to get the money owed to them, so all countries can go back to Honest Money. Then things will be adjusted so that a candy bars will once again be bigger and only cost a nickel as it once was when money was backed by silver and gold coins.

This concept worked before 1913 when these Bankers took over our money and then later the world’s honest money and replaced it over time with a complete “Fiat” money system, which is no more valuable than “Monopoly Game” money.

A matter of fact these Elitist Corporate Banksters like gangsters are playing full size board games with the people of Earth that is “Monopoly” and “Risk”. Ones a “Financial” game and the other is a “War” game. See what I Mean?

We are being played “Dupes” by them as they have bought and paid for our government politicians over time and made them corrupt and no longer follow “Constitutional Principles“.

Stand up and stop them now before these games become a permanent fixture on the world…Just Say No More and let them know The Game Is Up! And we are on to them. We are not playing “Games” anymore.

Sure it will hurt at first, but the rewards of freedom and self governing countries once more will be worth it. Remember, these bankers are behind the Terrorist for they are the only ones rich enough to have the money and power to create any organization they want and use them to keep the “Elitist” families in power.

Go after them (The Banksters) and not their pawns that they create. Go for the Serpent’s Head and not the body. Then we can end this greed and return to real money gold and silver coins. We can finish what president Kennedy wanted, to have silver certificates to pay our debts and therefore saving our country and the world from default.

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Has Liberalism de-educated a generation of children

Dumbing down of America

I was reading an article by the Daily Mail about a teacher who found herself out of a job, for basically telling the truth about the educational system at the Conservative Party Conference.

She is Katharine Birbalsingh, an outspoken and concerned educator. She said that ” Peer pressure is not only the main force that keeps children in gangs, walking as if they’re constipated, speaking as if they’ve never read a book and permanently playing on their portable video-game machines; it is also the principal reason most adults vote the same way from the day we were born until the day we die. Political persuasion is tribal and no one is ever meant to change their minds.”

I myself have seen the results of the new education system first hand at work. I have had people I worked with who could not spell or do basic math. Who didn’t know basic science, as how the moon orbits the earth, why grass is green and the sky blue or even write an illegible sentence in context.

Our educational system has done only one thing, dumb down the children. See Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt’s book “the deliberate Dumbing down of America “here is whole book in PDF format:

Most children and young adults don’t read, but instead watch television for the news and only watch entertainment shows, like sitcoms, MTV, or series like 24, as well as Law and Order etc., which they all only teach that men are dumb, life has no moral problems, and there are terrorist everywhere or the human race is incurable from being violent and war is the norm. This always keeps the children and young adults from ever thinking for them and only what the television tells them is real deal.

I have noticed that MSM (Main Stream Media) tells more propaganda than truth and is more bias than neutral on stories that deal in information of consequences for mankind. Children grow up on this and we wonder why we can never get out of the Left/Right paradigm of the Republican and Democrat party. That people are always voting for a lesser of two evils in a party. These are taught ideas from kindergarten thru college and leave one hopelessly depending on MSM and television, instead of doing one’s own research and finding the facts for you.

Now I see a plot by the New World Order elites and the reason for the state sponsored education system and television. If they can dumb down the people enough, they can convince you to do or take anything, from going along with the Carbon Tax, giving up your basic rights at the airports and be groped and irradiated because a terrorist might get you, to taking vaccines with known sterilants and cancer viruses in them. Then saying it’s all in the name of security and for your safety.

The craziest thing I have seen done by both the educational system and television was the introduction of fluoride in water and tooth paste that leads to fluorosis, which actually is the cause of tooth decay and brittleness of the teeth and bones. See this article: and this article: .

As far as the Vaccines are concerned, you can read about them here: . Read how you have been lied to by the Government and MSM about Flu Shots and how they make them sound yummy and yet they are the most dangerous thing one can have given to yourself, a child, or a young adult. Read here about child vaccines and decide if you really want to give these toxic cocktails to a new born at that age:

I have read and seen more Eugenics programs being introduced in the name of protecting you from a catastrophe or plague than just leaving you alone and letting you live your life as you see fit. Why does a child have to have a shot as soon as it’s born, before the immune system has fully developed to handle the vaccine? Is it a ploy to start dumbing down the child at birth? I see no alternative motive for it with Autism on the rise and occurring after the first MMR or the third vaccination sequence is given. See this article: .

So, is there a plan to dumb us down as an excuse to eliminate 80 plus percent of the world population in the name of saving it? Are the Georgia Guide Stones the outline of what the Elitist want so we do not use up Their Resources? See this article on the Georgia Guide Stones: .

Maybe the report from Iron Mountain, which is the plan the U.N. is using as well as Agenda 21 to control and manipulate the number of people and the intelligence to create a one world government under Tyrannical rule. See this website for an explanation if it is real or not: and this is a link to the actual full report: .

I tell you now, don’t be fooled by these MSM Useful Idiots or the Puppets in Governments who are controlled by very rich and powerful people in high places who think they own us and the planet Earth. People whose ancestors started this world population control and domination game more than 1000 years ago and now believe they are seeing the light at the end of their long dark tunnel to a total and complete psychopath world view and order out of their chaos. An order of hell on earth and all mankind that’s left degraded and enslaved to them.

The only way to stop this from happening is to stand up today and demand a return to federal taxes rolled back to 1950, no more government control over our lives, schools with out liberalism being forced, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be enforced.

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Wake Up America, or the Republic Will Fall

What is wrong with Americans? Are Americans being “Mind Controlled? Have Americans been lied to so long that they have been desensitized by lies to know what the truth is? These are the questions that need to be answered to figure out the cause of the fall of the Republic. You now only hear the mainstream media and the government call us a Democracy. What happened to the Republic, spoke of in the Constitution? Why is everything in principle, “Socialism“?

Are Americans being mind controlled? The answer is “Yes“. The media outlets in newspapers and television are controlled by national and international corporations as well as the industrial military complex, all having their own agenda for control and profits over Americans. We are constantly told that we need bigger government, spend more money to fix the economy, more Homeland Security to stop questionable terrorist, more regulations over all farms, even though it affects only small farms most, and big pharmaceutical wanting to take away our self control over our health and force a healthcare on us which is unconstitutional.  It seems the saying is right: “Repeat a lie long enough, and people will start to believe it”

This is what television news corporations are masters at, pitching lies and disinformation over and over again day after day till the public believe the lies and disinformation.  The movie “Network” is no longer a satire from the 70s, but true to life truth that the television controls popular opinion. The television tell you how to dress, what to eat, what to think, and people even raise their children by the television, but people do not know it’s an entertainment device only for boredom. The media will tell you anything you want to hear and never report on real issues that concern your rights and freedoms being attacked and whittled away bit by bit by big government till one day they will be gone altogether.

Media drives the government lies to convince you they know what’s best for you and your family. Government and media are both controlled by international banker families as well, who own and control the media owners of networks such as CBS, NBC, ABC, CNBC, FOX, MSNBC, CNN and local networks as well as most popular newspapers who are syndicated under corporate control. You really never hear the real news from American MSM of conflicts in the Middle East, unless it is only supportive of their view or in favor of the war.

The president Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, media talking heads, and most politicians will tell you over and over that we are a Democracy. Where in the Constitution does it mention Democracy? The word “Democracy” does not appear in the Constitution. Our nation is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. The Founders feared Democracy which is unrestricted rule by majority and favored a Republic, which is rule of law where the law limit’s the power of the government.  As you can see, today’s politicians favor a Democracy, because it gives them more dictatorial power over the population of America. Democrat politicians showed their true beliefs in democracy last year at town meetings being arrogant and above their constituents who put them in office. Telling the people that they knew what was best for them and not smart enough to make decision for themselves. This is the rule of Democracy that has been forced down your throat for many years.

To remove us from this dictatorial control by our government, people are going to have to learn and memorize “The Bill of Rights” and “The Declaration of Independence”. Only then will we win back our country from the foreign invaders who came here to conquer and control in 1890s by first the money and then the government, later on through stealth and infiltration and media. The presidents since JFK were members of Secret Orders and Secret Societies that John F. Kennedy warned us of in his speech on April 27, 1961. We will have to remove these anti Christian Elite bankers and their secret societies and secret orders to save the Republic from these anti Americans and anti Constitutional enemies from within our borders. Rout them out as Thomas Jefferson would have if he was alive today as he did back then.

We will have to abolish the Federal Reserve and their counterfeit notes backed by nothing and replace them with United States of America Treasury notes back by gold and silver and return to manufacturing in our own country by raising import tax by 35%, forcing manufacturers back to the States. Otherwise we will collapse into a third world country and that’s when the other countries of power will divide us up like pieces of cake, then America will be no more ever again.

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